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Apr 2023

ShootProof Gallery Updates: Phase Two

3 min read

As you’ve already heard, client galleries are getting a makeover! We kicked things off last month with a few updates that gave galleries a more modern, professional look, and put your brand front and center.

With this next phase of updates, it’s now easier than ever for clients to navigate through galleries and proof photos — especially from mobile devices. Keep reading to learn more.

What Changes Were Made to ShootProof’s Client Galleries in Phase Two?

As of April 26, 2023, we’ve updated the Gallery navigation menu so it looks and functions more like a website — AKA what clients are used to navigating through.

Here’s what changed:

  • Your studio name is now in the top-left and clickable! If your gallery is public, it will link to your Portfolio Website, and if it’s private, it’ll take the gallery visitor to the main Photos/Albums page
  • “Home” has been renamed “Photos,” and clicking it will also take you to that main photos page
  • “Info” has been renamed “About” 
  • Your brand is even more prominent now that these components feature your brand colors.Before and after view of ShootProof gallery
  • Navigating through albums is easier too now that clients can easily toggle between “All Photos” and “Albums” 

View of toggling between "All Photos" and "Albums" in ShootProof

  • And… drumroll please 🥁🥁… the biggest improvement to your clients’ gallery… a newly designed mobile experience 🎉 The proofing icons are now on the bottom of the screen in a perfectly thumbable place — no more clients stretching their thumbs to the max to choose their favorite photos!

New mobile experience in ShootProof galleries

“But wait, will I need to inform my clients about these changes?”

Nope! These updates are visual and navigational improvements that will make the proofing and shopping experience easier and more intuitive. Although, if you have any written and/or video instructions to educate your clients about the gallery experience, you’ll want to update any screenshots to reflect these exciting changes.

Our Engineering Team is already hard at work on Phase Three updates, so stay tuned for more. 👍

In the meantime, keep an eye on our Release Notes page to see what updates, improvements, and bug fixes are happening.

Thanks for helping us make ShootProof better,

– The ShootProof Team

*Special thanks to Monica Conlin Photography for the lovely sample images.


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