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Mar 2023

ShootProof Gallery Update: Phase One

2 min read

Client photo galleries are the very heart of ShootProof, which is why, as part of our ongoing efforts to modernize ShootProof, we’re giving them a makeover 🙌 

The updates we’re making will give client galleries a more polished and professional look. Keep reading to learn what we did in Phase One.

What Changes Were Made to ShootProof’s Client Galleries?

As of March 13th, 2023, we updated the styling on the Gallery Intro Page and the sign-in page for gallery visitors for a more modern experience that elevates your brand at every touchpoint. 

What we did:

  • Increased contrast between the gallery name and the cover photo so it’s easier for clients to see the gallery name, even when the cover photo is light!

Before and after of ShootProof gallery updates cover photo

  • We switched button styling to a more modern shape to create more consistency between these pages and the rest of the ShootProof and gallery experiences. 
  • We pulled your brand colors and logo into additional areas of the sign-in experience to make your brand more prominent and consistent throughout.

Before and After of client sign in for ShootProof galleries

“But wait, will I need to inform my clients about these changes?”

Nope! These updates are visual improvements; we haven’t changed how clients use or experience ShootProof. 

Our Engineering Team is already hard at work on Phase Two updates, so stay tuned for more!

Thanks for helping us make ShootProof better,

– The ShootProof Team

*Special thanks to Monica Conlin Photography for the lovely sample image.

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