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Oct 2023

Meet the New Online Store for Photographers

5 min read

There’s a new place, and way, your photography clients can purchase prints, digitals, and other lab items. Meet the highly requested Store! 💫

An Overview of Your Online Photography Store

Fully integrated with client galleries, highly visual, interactive, and super easy to use, your Gallery Store is sure to help skyrocket your print sales — just in time for the holidays. 😉  

But that’s not all! In a recent survey, 75% of consumers said they’re more likely to book with photographers who offer a photo-to-product service. So you could actually book more clients by offering prints! 🤯

Learn all about this online print store for photographers. 👇

What’s Changed?

🛒 A New Way to Shop

Instead of first choosing the photo they want to purchase, clients can now browse their Gallery Stores by product category, just like they would on any other e-commerce site.


📑 New “Store” Tab

Situated in a Gallery’s navigation menu, this tab is where clients can enter the Store experience where they shop by product first.

ShootProof online gallery navigation

🖼️ A More Visual Experience

You asked for “a beautiful storefront that shows images of the products for sale and shows client images on the products.” And that’s exactly what you’re getting! 

Your new Gallery Store is filled with product visuals, taking the guesswork out of the client shopping experience, so they can feel confident in what they’re ordering. 

online store for photographers

Bringing the Client into Your Online Photography Store

The best photo-selling website is one that’s personalized and brings client images to life.

In fact, according to Shopify, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase products from a brand that provides personalized experiences. 

🖼️ Populating the Store with Client Gallery Photos

That’s why your new photography Store will dynamically render a client’s gallery photos onto the product previews that line its virtual shelves. 

But wait! There’s more…

🛋️ In-Room Previews

What’s a store without a showroom?! The in-room previews we recently launched are an essential part of the Store experience, letting clients get a feel for how products will look and fit within their spaces before placing their orders.

ShootProof Storefront

Thanks to these in-room previews, clients will be more likely to order the right products and sizes for their needs the first time (AKA happier with you), and less likely to email you saying, “I wish I ordered a different size.”

And we all know client confidence and a positive client experience are key to driving referrals and repeat business! 

Paving the Way for a Modern Online Print Store for Photographers

We weren’t kidding when we said all of those recently released client shopping experience improvements were paving the way for something big. All together, you have a modern Gallery Store that makes buying photos much easier and more intuitive. 

Those order-generating updates include:

🔍 Dynamic Product Renders That Look Like the Final Product

The product previews rendered in the Gallery AND Store shopping experiences will accurately reflect the finish, texture, and size of the product they’re ordering.*

As you’ll see below 👇, the preview displays a glossy finish when glossy is selected and a matte finish when matte is selected.

websites for photographers to sell photos

🛍️ Compelling Product Descriptions
Lab products now have professionally written product descriptions that will help preemptively address client questions so you won’t need to explain the difference between glossy and luster ever again. Feel free to use them as-is, or edit them to make them your own! 

Just Launched: Acrylic Photo Blocks

In addition to this more visual shopping experience and the recent price sheet improvements, you also have a new product to offer your clients: acrylic photo blocks from White House Custom Colour!* 

acrylic block

Add this new, super giftable product to your WHCC price sheets (or create a new WHCC price sheet if you don’t have one already), then let clients know they can find the perfect gift for anyone on their holiday list right in their galleries! 🎁

*WHCC is the first of several. Acrylic photo blocks will be added to more labs soon. Lab-specific updates will be shared on your studio dashboard and the release notes page

Special thanks to Andy Gaines Photography for the sample images throughout our Gallery Store and to WHCC for the acrylic block imagery.