Ep. #34: Setting Yourself Apart with Damien Carter [PODCAST]

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In episode #34 of Find Your Focus, photographer Damien Carter shares how he thrills every client with an above-and-beyond photography experience. 

Setting Yourself Apart:

The Importance of a Stellar Client Experience

Feat. Damien Carter

Episode #34 show notes

Damien Carter is a part-time photographer who always goes above and beyond for his clients. He shoots everything (except newborns!) from weddings to lifestyle brands. Along with providing his clients with exquisite images, he specializes in curating personalized experiences for them.

In this episode, Damien offers a ton of tips to improve your relationship with your clients and ensure that they are getting full value from your service. Damien stresses the importance of communicating: phoning clients rather than engaging purely over email, being on time for shoots, and making your client feel special in various different ways.

Photographers are easy to come by nowadays, which is why it is so vital to set yourself apart from the rest; and Damien has all the tools to help you achieve this!

To hear some of the top ways on how to stand out from the crowd, be sure to tune in today.

A Black bride wearing an art deco blusher smiles as she's photographed over the shoulder of her husband-to-be

Damien Carter Photography

Key moments in this episode

  • What made Damien fall in love with photography and why he started taking it seriously later on
  • Damien’s first paid job as a photographer and the connection he still has with those clients
  • The relationships that drive Damien to keep doing the work he does
  • Damien’s choice not to niche down too much; “If there’s a face in it, I want to shoot it.”
  • Make sure your prices reflect the work that you are doing for the client and that they are getting good value
  • Why emails shouldn’t replace phone calls (or Zoom calls)
  • The importance of customizing each client’s experience so they really get what they want
  • Over communication is key and clients should know exactly what they can expect from you
  • Tips for improving the post-shoot experience for the client (Damien has tried the other ways so you don’t have to!)
  • Little things, such as being on time, responding quickly to inquiries and adding personal touches, can make a big difference. Strive to go above and beyond.
A Black bride and a white grandmother smile joyously as they reach toward eachother across a crowded dance floor

Damien Carter Photography


“You shouldn’t have to apologize for your prices but they should feel like they’re getting, definitely getting their value for their money.” — Damien Carter [0:06:24]

“Really just making that personal connection right off the bat is something that can separate you.” — Damien Carter [0:06:59]

“You always want to start small when you’re starting, you just do the little things.” — Damien Carter [0:12:07]

“Over communication is the key.” — Damien Carter [0:16:39]

“You constantly evolve. You constantly try to make your experience better and just learn from some of the challenges that you face.” — Damien Carter [0:17:59]

Samples of photographer Damien Carter's welcome packet that he gives to each of his new clients

Damien Carter Photography

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