Mar 2021

Ep. #51: “What is success?” with Tracy Moore [PODCAST]

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In episode #51 of Find Your Focus, photographer Tracy Moore explores the meaning of success and how to achieve it for yourself.

The Successful Photographer: Figuring Out What Success is and What it Looks Like

Feat. Tracy Moore

Episode #51 show notes

Success doesn’t mean having a fully-booked calendar or raking in huge amounts of cash every month. For senior photographer, adventure, and educator Tracy Moore, success means being able to live life on her own terms. 

Today we speak with Tracy about how you can find out what success means for YOU. We open our conversation by exploring Tracy’s background and how she discovered photography. From offering free sessions to hiring a business coach, she unpacks the steps that she took to become a professional photographer. 

We then dive into how she built her business around her passion for adventure and mentoring seniors. While reflecting on her recent move to Costa Rica, Tracy shares details on how she expanded her services to include providing masterclasses and coaching. 

In an empowering discussion, we talk about what it means to be successful. Later, Tracy opens up about how you can create success for yourself by taking action and overcoming your fears. Tune in for more of Tracy’s insights into living your life through your own lens. 

A senior girl holds a baseball bat over her shoulders. Behind her are clouds and a purpose sky at sunset.

Tracy Moore

Key moments in this episode

  • Introducing today’s guest, Tracy Moore.
  • The steps that Tracy took to become a professional photographer.
  • Hear how Tracy built her business around her passion.
  • How mentoring has fit into Tracy’s life and business.
  • Exploring Tracy’s move to Costa Rica and how it’s impacted her work.
  • How Tracy expanded her niche into masterclasses and coaching.
  • Tracy shares what success means to her. 
  • Advice on finding out what success means to you.
  • What you can do to create success in your life.
  • Tracy about overcoming your fear and embracing your potential.
  • Reflecting on the importance of finding your niche.
A senior girl in a blue dress smiles as she stands in a Montana cornfield. Another senior slaps her hands together to create chalk dust.

Tracy Moore


“With anything in life, just do it. Just start and figure it out. I’ve always lived my life that way and want to show other people that you can do that too.” — Tracy Moore [0:11:50]

“To me, success is having the freedom to live the life you want and you know, having that sense of peace.” — Tracy Moore [0:15:34]

“Finding what success is to you is about taking the time to think about the life you want to live and then creating that life.” — Tracy Moore [0:17:39]

“A lot of our fears are based on what other people think. But you are going to regret the things you don’t try.” — Tracy Moore [0:20:52]

A senior girl swings at golf club at sunset.

Tracy Moore

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