Ep. #53: Find Your Perfect Niche with Photos by LJK [PODCAST]

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In episode #53 of Find Your Focus, photographer LaJune King reveals how she built a thriving business dedicated to joyful Black families.

Overcoming Obstacles: How to Grow Your Confidence and Build a Niche Business

Feat. LaJune King, Photos by LJK

Episode #53 show notes

Building confidence in your business is not about measuring it against predefined standards, but about developing it around your unique superpower. 

Today’s guest is LaJune King, a portrait and branding photographer from Texas, and she joins us to talk about her journey toward loving herself and owning her work. LaJune opens up about how she got into photography, began to see her business grow, and tackled those new-photographer hurdles every young entrepreneur faces. She reveals her insecurities and how she moved past them by embracing her gift for delivering an unbeatable client experience. 

LaJune’s passion includes a deep desire to represent Black families in moments of happiness. This active counterpoint to systemic racism is an incredibly moving section of today’s discussion. 

LaJune frames her client journey as the Pink Starburst Experience, and we explore the coaching she offers to help other photographers invent their own exclusive customer experience.

Tune in for an amazing conversation about finding your voice and using it to make the world a better place.

A Black family snuggle close together on a rose-colored couch in their living room

LaJune King, Photos by LJK

Key moments in this episode

  • LaJune’s pathway to photography and her current niche
  • Confidence—and how LaJune got more of it
  • How LaJune began owning her strengths
  • LaJune’s bold, branded customer experience
  • Defying feelings of inadequacy and setting sustainable prices
  • LaJune’s passion for countering negative representations of Black people in media
  • How listeners can create their own unique customer experiences
Two Black businesswomen are photographed by LaJune King

LaJune King, Photos by LJK


“I was afraid to put my name on my cards, I was afraid to put my face on my cards, I hid behind my business.” — LaJune King [0:04:11]

“I just put myself out there in 2016. I did a rebrand and I had my face, everything, all over my work.” — LaJune King [0:08:03]

“I need the world to see Black family joy.” — LaJune King [0:10:52]

A Black family is photographed lounging together on a hot pink sofa in their living room

LaJune King, Photos by LJK

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