Ep. #60: Instagram Reels that REALLY Work w/ Neyssa Lee [PODCAST]

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In episode #60 of Find Your Focus, photographer Neyssa Lee teaches how to use YOUR unique story to connect via Instagram Reels.

How to Use Instagram Reels to Power Up Your Photography Business

Episode 60 show notes

On social media, authenticity may be the most important ingredient in quality content. But how do you incorporate authenticity into your content creation? 

Our guest today, Neyssa Lee, excels at using her story to craft impactful and engaging social media content. During our conversation, Neyssa vulnerably shares how her passion for photography was shaped by growing up in foster care and eventually being adopted. She speaks candidly about her own business photographing moms with their newborn babies and children, and honestly explores the pain of miscarriage. Neyssa feels strongly that by sharing her story with her clients, she creates a closer connection with them—especially those who’ve experienced similar traumas.

You’ll see how Neyssa’s dedication to authenticity guides her use of Instagram Reels. We discuss how to successfully use Reels to highlight your personality, educate clients about your brand, and authentically reflect your values.

Tune in to hear Neyssa’s tips, tricks, and warnings for incorporating Instagram Reels into your business. 

a mom spins her young daughter in her arms on a beach at sunset

Neyssa Lee

Key moments in this episode

  • How Neyssa’s past shaped her and made her the photographer she is today
  • Neyssa speaks about her lifestyle, family, and newborn photography business
  • Hear about how Neyssa helps moms take better photos and capture moments
  • Learn how being open about your experiences can deepen your connection with clients
  • Discover what makes Instagram Reels so awesome
  • Get Neyssa’s tips on becoming an Instagram Reels expert!
  • Learn what to avoid when making a Reel for Instagram
  • Explore the importance of authenticity online
  • The ins and outs of planning content for your Reels 
  • How to use your content efficiently across multiple platforms
A little girls smiles into the distance in this close-up portrait

Neyssa Lee

Listen to learn more!

My ideal client is busy. She doesn’t have time to read a full blog post now, but she might when it hits what she really needs. And so, being able to repurpose content saves me time and helps out my ideal client.”

— Neyssa Lee [0:18:09]

A newborn baby rests their tiny fit against their mother's face

Neyssa Lee

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