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Nov 2022

Important News from the ShootProof Team

3 min read

We’d like to share some news.

Last month our sister company closed. That means the integrated Print Store with Collage also closed. We said goodbye to many wonderful colleagues.

And this week one of Táve’s original founders purchased the business back from ShootProof. While Táve is no longer part of the ShootProof business, the team will always be part of our photo family. Our integration will continue helping our shared customers who want to connect their ShootProof galleries to Táve.

While these were difficult decisions, there is a silver lining: Focus. And as any photographer knows, with focus comes clarity. And our focus is clear: It’s you. 

After all, ShootProof was created to empower and support photographers. Now we can focus on doing just that. In that spirit, we’ve recently released two new features to help you make more revenue:

  1. Abandoned Cart EmailsIn just 45 days, this new feature has put over $204k of potentially lost revenue back where it belongs; in photographers’ pockets.
  2. Custom Greeting Cards through your galleries – delight clients with press printed cards and a sleek design tool. Ready to offer cards? Here’s a webinar to help you get started!

And we plan to release more.

We want you to know we’ve heard you loud and clear — you want us to improve ShootProof for you and your clients. The features and improvements that come next will address the needs and pain points you’ve expressed. 

As we work hard developing the functionalities you need, our integrated lab partners like WHCC will continue to be a key driver of the ShootProof business, enabling you to provide professional-grade products and gifts to your clients. If you have ideas for products your clients would love to order from your galleries, please share them! 

Helping you Focus on What Matters Most™ so you can turn your passion for photography into a profitable business is why we come to work every day. Thank you for trusting us with what matters most to you. You have our commitment that we will focus on building ShootProof. 

Your ShootProof Team

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