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Dec 2023

6 Stylistic Photography Trends to Watch in 2024

6 min read

Photographers tend to get hyped up about the newest gear, and for good reason: it offers new ways to produce amazing images. But when it comes to standing out in an oversaturated market, keeping up with emerging trends and techniques is a must-do.

To help create images that your photography clients really want — we’re sharing 8 photography trends to watch in 2024.

2024 Stylistic Photography Trends

Use this list of 2024 photography trends to inspire you to try new techniques and stretch your creativity in the new year and drive more demand for your photo sessions and sales.

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Trend #1: Drone Shots

Aerial photography used to come with a hefty price tag, making it out of reach for most studios and their clients. But who has the budget for helicopters, scaffolding, or other expensive techniques??

Answer? No one.

However, as tools like drones become *less expensive, it’s easier than ever for photographers to capture breathtaking images and unique views from the sky.

pexels spencer davis 4340670 1024x682 1

Drone photography isn’t just for real estate photographers anymore. Clients enjoy seeing unique images of their family sessions and weddings, too! This new perspective provides a unique view of a moment that would have gone unseen without your expertise – how’s that for a selling point?!

As drones and drone rentals become more affordable, there’s no doubt that more photographers will learn to harness their creativity and adaptability through drone photography.

*“Less expensive” is relative, as you’ll still need to pay for a drone photography license, the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test, and drone registration fee. Learn more on the FAA website.

Trend #2: Retro and Vintage Photography

This resurgence of “retro” aesthetics can be so much fun to play with, especially from a posing and editing perspective.

Whether you want to offer disposable film cameras, photo booths, or styled shoots that take your clients back to “better days,” this is a fun trend to keep your eye on.

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Trend #3: Modern, Minimalist Aesthetics

On the other end of the style spectrum, we have modern, minimalist aesthetics climbing the ranks of photo style favorites. If you’re a product or lifestyle photographer, you’ll likely see this trend everywhere.

In black and white newborn photos with high contrast. You’ll find it in product flatlays with lots of whitespace and not many props. In family photos taken in urban or minimalistic settings. The focus is on the subject and the subject alone.

pexels ivan samkov 8499045 1024x683 1

If you find that you have a more maximalist style or use a lot of props and backgrounds, now might be a good time to play more with simpler, minimalist image settings.

Trend #4: Cinematic Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s no wonder that clients are clamoring for photos that look like life in motion. Cinematic photography involves the skilled use of lighting, equipment, and prompts to help photographers capture dynamic images of their clients.

Story-telling through photos is an art that not every photographer can achieve. You have to plan the story you want to tell, just like a movie!

Background Trends you Don’t Want to Miss

We know that we are going to be a bit contradictory, but backgrounds are leaning towards the extremes in 2024.

Trend #5: Natural Backgrounds

As you well know, what’s going on in the background can make or break your photo. It’s no surprise that photographers are constantly on the hunt for great locations where they can control the background!

However, rather than urban murals or static studio backdrops, clients and photographers alike will trend towards more natural and organic backgrounds in 2024.

welcome guide 7 1024x682 1

Using natural backgrounds can provide photographers with calming, timeless, and visually appealing scenes. Plus, they can add texture and composition to their images – think photos with ponds, mountain landscapes, or a field of wildflowers.

If you find yourself taking photos of the same background or constantly seeking new backgrounds for new clients, now is a good time to find more natural outdoor locations you can use year-round!

Trend #6: Bright, Bold, and Dramatic Backdrops

In contrast to (or, perhaps in response to) Trend #5, we also anticipate a rise in bright, bold, and dramatic backdrops in 2024. With more and more content created and shared online, people (and businesses) want something that stands out.

Whether you’re a brand photographer, a boudoir photographer, a lifestyle photographer, or somewhere in between, you might meet clients who aren’t afraid of a little color. From brightly colored backdrops to bold locations, we think we’ll see more of these images in 2024.

backdrops 6 819x1024 1

Up for a challenge in your photography? Swap muted, nude colors and plain backgrounds for bright, bolder shades and hues. Shake up your library of poses. Find new, edgier locations, like a busy street corner, urban alley, or rooftop.

Elevating Your Studio Beyond Photography Trends

Level up your photography skills means staying ahead of the latest trends. Of course, successful photography studio owners focus on more than what’s trending – they master their client experiences and photo delivery, too.

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Photos by Jesi Cason and Meg Marie