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Apr 2020

How to Sell Photos Using Gallery Banners

5 min read

Add promotional banners to your online galleries and watch print sales soar! This nifty feature beautifully enhances both promo codes and custom messages.

Want to make it even easier to sell photos through your ShootProof galleries? Promotional banners are a smart, simple way to sell prints and products to your clients.

Use your customized promotional banners to:

  • drive sales
  • advertise free shipping offers
  • market your seasonal deals

“How can I keep cash flowing into my business when I’m not shooting?”

There’s one question lots of photographers are asking right now, and that’s, “How do I earn money even when I’m not out shooting?” We have a great solution that’s also ACTIONABLE. Start using promotional banners to sell prints and photographic products to your past clients!


ShootProof gallery with a marketing banner at the top, courtesy of Jill Doty

How to Use Gallery Banners in ShootProof

You can set up marketing banners in your ShootProof galleries in mere minutes. Start by brainstorming the types of deals you’d like to offer your clients. Then, craft a few messages to be displayed at the top of your galleries.

Follow these simple steps to create and publish your promotional banners:

  1. Add a Promo Code to your Price Sheet – learn all about promo codes HERE!
  2. Apply that Price Sheet to the gallery where you’ll offer your sale
  3. Go to Gallery Settings > Gallery and turn on the Marketing Banner feature
  4. Type out the details of your deal – you’ve got 85 characters to share your banner message!
  5. Make your promotional banner clickable if you like! Just copy and paste your link, and a new tab will open when your visitors click. This is a great feature for photographers who love to create landing pages or informational blog posts!
  6. Save your settings so you can use them again for future promotions or messages!

Marketing Banners: Tips & Tricks

Make the most of your banners with these simple short cuts:

Want to apply your promotional banner to multiple galleries at once?

You can do that! Just select those galleries from Photos > Galleries, and then use Bulk Actions to apply the correct Price Sheet and enable Marketing Banners to ALL of your selected galleries.

Want to use a certain marketing banner in ALL of your future galleries?

You can do that, too! Merely enable the setting in your gallery presets! Because your brand’s look and feel is important, your marketing banners are displayed in the “secondary color” you selected for your Color Set.

It’s also super-simple to turn banners off and back on again so you can reuse them!

When paired with an email campaign and a promo code, banners can inspire your clients to buy from you. Using marketing banners with email campaigns can help boost your sales.

Ideas for Banner Promos

Limited time offer, enjoy 50% off prints in any 2019 gallery!
Memories matter now more than ever. Print yours in the next 3 days and get 30% off your order!
Flash sale! Enjoy 20% off any digitals for the next 2 days

Ideas for Banner Messages

Not sure what size prints to buy? CLICK HERE to get my Print Buying Guide!
Ready to choose photos for your album? CLICK HERE to see your album options!
Get notified about my next Mini Sessions event! CLICK HERE


ShootProof gallery with a promo banner at the top, courtesy of Jen Bilodeau

How will YOU use gallery banners?

Use banners to welcome clients to their gallery, run a flash sale, or explore how to sell photos using promo codes. Are you ready to try offering a BOGO or free shipping? Now is a great time to experiment with banners. You can even go beyond sales and use gallery banners to announce new service offerings like mini-sessions. Even if you can’t schedule them right away, you can plant the seed in your clients’ minds for future shoots! Banners are another easy tool to communicate with your clients and find new ways to generate revenue.

Comment below and share your ideas for using promotional banners!


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