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Jun 2020

We have a New Website—and it’s All About You

4 min read

You’re the reason ShootProof exists. Your work inspires us. And today we’ve got exciting news to share with you: ShootProof has a new home!

But this isn’t just a new website. It’s a celebration of you, the photographers who inspire us to craft beautiful experiences for you and your clients.

ShootProof photo gallery mobile apps and customization

When you visit the new site, the first thing you’ll see is beautiful images from photographers we admire. And you’ll meet the photographers behind the images–we hope you find inspiration and encouragement in their stories.

As every photographer knows, building a brand is a project that’s never really done. Just as people grow, so do brands. ShootProof has grown over many years alongside the photographers who trust us. And that’s why we’re proud to take a big step forward with you–to a new online home!

Jen Bilodeau quote on ShootProof and client experience

As we continue to grow the ShootProof family (Hey Táve, Cole’s Classroom, and Design Aglow), we want our brand to reflect why we exist, what we believe in, and where we’re headed. We think of a brand as an ongoing project. Instead of being static, great brands evolve. And it’s a fun, continuous evolution!

Here’s your inside look at ShootProof’s brand evolution…

We focus on what matters most—you!

No matter where you are in your photography journey, you have a home with ShootProof. Instead of touting our online galleries for photographers, we opted to showcase them through real photographers’ experiences. Now you can learn about ShootProof’s features through the eyes of other photographers!

Printed photo packages of a wedding

“A brand evolution can be much more difficult than a brand revolution. To evolve, we had to understand all the underpinnings of our current brand. We listened to users, surveyed audiences and internal stakeholders, and evaluated the entire market to gain insight into what makes ShootProof special,” said Visual Design Manager Amanda Coffelt. “This, combined with a mantra like ‘Focus On What Matters Most,’ made it clear that photographers and their photography had to be at the heart of our brand.”

Photo downloads for portrait of dancing woman

Our team did a visual competitive analysis of our competitors to see how each brand markets their product. Then we asked, “How are we different?,” “How can we visually showcase our passion for stories, memories, photography, and how our product helps photographers delight their clients?”

What we discovered was inspiring. You care deeply about your clients, just like we care deeply about you.

Real People, Real Connections, Real Photos

That’s why real relationships are prioritized across our new marketing site. When you visit the new site, you’ll see lots of faces, emotions, and connections. You’ll find a bit of sophistication balanced by plenty of playfulness.

Why ShootProof hero image of photographers and supporting text

You’ll see warm, vibrant colors too. In fact, the colors came from you, too! Exploring your galleries, we found clear color themes.

“Our photographers are our inspiration and their work informs our brand colors. Exploring photographers’ galleries, we found some color themes that we pulled from.,” said Brand and Web Designer Mirely Cabral. “And we really focused on our photographers’ favorite times to shoot–in warm, early morning and dusky, late evening light.”

Photography color palette exploration

You’re at the Heart of Everything

This marks an exciting new chapter in our story and we’re thankful for you, the photographers who inspired this bold change. Thank you for trusting us with your work. It’s an honor to help you build the business of your dreams.

The Scobey family walking in the field and a quote about photography


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