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Dec 2019

The Best of ShootProof: A 2019 Roll-Up!

6 min read

Get a look at ShootProof’s top 2019 moments, from fun new features to incredible updates. Did you miss any of these enhancements the first time around?

It’s a brand-new year! But before we forge ahead, our sentimental hearts are crying out to gaze back upon 2019 and reminisce.

There was the time we ran out of coffee and the entire ShootProof team nearly died of decaffeination. And let’s not forget the demise of the ShootProof espresso machine. It was revived, but holy smokes, what a brutal 37 minutes.

But, believe it or not, coffee isn’t our sole focus. Our top priority is actually a fun little thing we call “galleries.” Caffeine woes notwithstanding, ShootProof galleries got a lot of love in 2019!

Here are 2019’s top ShootProof hits and enhancements:

ShootProof Package Builder: Sell More Photos – Simply

If you’ve never met a superhero in real life, that’s only because you’ve never met a ShootProof Developer. Our Dev team is truly incredible, and their work on Package Builder is proof.

How to Sell Photography Packages with ShootProof Package Builder

Photos by Alison Winterroth

ShootProof Package Builder empowers our photographers to bundle prints, digital downloads, and products into “yes-please-I-need-this” packages. Your clients can shop these custom collections from the comfort of their couches, easily benefitting from bundled deals and discounts.

Learn more about Package Builder HERE!

Táve Joined the ShootProof Family (And they fit right in!)

When ShootProof’s founders bootstrapped an online gallery startup for photographers, growing to include other brilliant photographer-centric companies was a far-away dream. But here we are! We were honored to acquire our beloved Táve in 2019, officially adding the most powerful, customizable studio management platform to the ShootProof brand family.

Best of ShootProof 2019, Sarah Swinton

Photo by Sarah Swinton

Not only did we strengthen the ShootProof + Táve integration in 2019, but we have BIG plans in store for the pair in 2020. Stay tuned!

Learn more about Táve and give studio management a try HERE!

Get Focused Guides: Our DIY Business Advice

We added three fantastic Get Focused Guides to our photographer education lineup, with handy worksheets on business planning, print sales, and keeping your precious photos safe.

>>> Get the 2020 Yearly Planner HERE!

Gallery Beautification – Tada!

Now, along with your branding, you can enhance your galleries by customizing the image size and spacing. So whether you’re an easy-breezy minimalist or a high-energy more-is-better type, there’s a gallery style for you!

Learn more about customizing your ShootProof galleries HERE!

ShootProof Custom Online Galleries - Sizing and Spacing

Photos by The Scobeys

Email Campaigns: Get More Gallery Visitors & Sell More Photos

One night, while most of our photographers were sound asleep in front of their open Lightroom screens, we quietly launched Email Campaigns. An updated version of our former “email automations,” Email Campaigns give photographers an easy way to get more eyeballs on their galleries – and more sales in the bank!

ShootProof Email Campaigns

Photo by Christin Hume

Select and customize pre-written campaign emails, or start from scratch with your own. No matter how you proceed, Email Campaigns make it simple to promote deals and inspire purchasing.

Learn more about Email Campaigns HERE!

We adopted Cole’s Classroom and Design Aglow (and now we need a bigger house!)

2019 saw our family grow even bigger with Cole’s Classroom and Design Aglow! These two brands serve up inspiring resources for photographers at every stage of their journey. From Cole’s Classroom’s vibrant community to Design Aglow’s gorgeous products, photographers will find resources to elevate their businesses. ShootProof is proud to call these brilliant folks family!

ShootProof Acquires Design Aglow, Breathes New Life Into Photography Brands

Photo courtesy of Design Aglow

#ShootProofPro: Tips, Tricks, & Webinars

In 2019, we introduced you to fun, fresh ways to make the most of your ShootProof experience, including:

Watch out for more of our educational, interactive webinars in 2020!

Tyler Nix

Photo by Tyler Nix

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Written by ANNE SIMONE

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