Invoices for Photographers: NEW Capabilities!

You’re running a business, and that means you need tools that work hard to make your life easier. With our brand new photography invoices, you can spend less time worrying about collecting payments and more time booking clients!

Link Invoices to Contracts

Extra steps often mean extra work and extra opportunity for your client to “forget” a piece of your process. We’ve listened to your feedback and made a huge improvement: You can now link a client’s contract and invoice together, and send them both in one beautifully-branded email!  This means your client reads and signs the contract, model release, or other documentation, and then is taken swiftly over to pay. No more “I didn’t see it”s or “Where is it?”s or “I didn’t get it!”s to listen to!


Let Clients Enroll in AutoPay

Now, clients can enroll in AutoPay so they never miss a bill date! A credit card is saved safely and securely and is billed automatically on the due dates you’ve specified. (You can also now refund a payment on an invoice, should a session be canceled or a payment be made in error. No more worrying about looking professional in front of your clients!)

Set Up Installments and Payment Plans

Let’s face it: When you charge what you’re really worth, that sticker price can sometimes be shocking. Give your clients options and allow them to pay over time! Offer your clients a payment plan for those big photography packages they want, or simply let them pay their total in equal (or unequal!) installments. It’s easy to set up on an invoice and you can set individual due dates for each installment. Collecting recurring payments is a snap!


Include a Retainer Fee

You’ve done your homework and you know that telling a client a payment is non-refundable doesn’t make it so. Specify the first payment on an invoice as a Retainer, a Deposit, or a Non-Refundable Payment, and forge ahead worry-free. Plus, when you require clients to pay a fee to snag a session date or to book a mini-session time, adding a retainer to an invoice makes securing their spot on your calendar a breeze.

Create, Send, Collect

While the invoices in your ShootProof account have certainly gotten a facelift (and some awesome new features added in), they’re still the same awesome invoices you’ve come to know and love. If you haven’t given them a try, take a look at how simple your workflow could be:

Do you use the same invoice for every client? Have a contract or Model Release that you need to be signed each time?

  1. Create an invoice template that you can use again and again.
  2. Make an invoice from that template.
  3. Link it to a contract or model release so your client can handle everything all at once.
  4. Send.
  5. Get paid (and get your document signed)!


Like to create invoices on the fly? Need something quick and simple?

  1. Create an invoice. Add items, set prices, pick a due date (or a few), set sales tax rates, and even assign automated emails.
  2. Send.
  3. Get paid!


Have you given the new invoices a try? Tell us what you love in the comments below!

Looking for an invoicing solution for your photography business?  Our  free trial is exactly what you need.  🙂


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